An SMS Campaign is a powerful channel to reach your customers. But it is important to avoid treating it as a separate initiative. This approach will not help you to achieve the results you desire. Instead, approach mobile marketing as an integral part of your business strategy. To get the best results, use SMS marketing in conjunction with email marketing and web content marketing.

Promote contests

A SMS campaign can be a highly effective way to promote contests and promotions. However, it’s essential to make sure that you market your contests effectively. A well-planned SMS campaign can reach a large number of people. To make this work, you’ll need to focus on creating an incentive that resonates with your target audience. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a grand prize; instead, it can be a discount or voucher. Other possible rewards include special content or exclusive promos.

First, consider how many people are likely to opt-in to your SMS campaign. This is critical because people are more likely to respond to SMS messages than to emails. In addition, texting is safe and convenient. Statistics show that 98% of texts are opened, and 83% of people respond within three minutes.

Promote discounts

SMS messaging is a powerful marketing tool for promoting discounts and sales. These messages are sent directly to customers and are usually time sensitive. As a result, they can drive sales instantly. These messages also allow you to remind subscribers about the main benefits of the offer. For example, you can send a message to subscribers reminding them of a special offer they can use later on.

Besides discounts, SMS marketing is also effective for advertising free shipping or special prices and shipping. Studies show that customers spend more when discounts and sales are offered. This type of marketing strategy will also help you retain existing customers by enticing them to return. Moreover, it can also be used to send out alerts to customers when items are restocked.

Promote open-ended questions

Open-ended questions are a great way to gather rich data from your customers. They’re especially useful for gathering information about specific aspects of a product or service. Customers who respond to open-ended questions are more likely to share their attitudes and opinions. This allows you to get more detailed information and more personalized customer insights.

When writing an SMS campaign, open-ended questions are an excellent way to get people engaged in the conversation. These messages will generate more responses, which will increase your chances of getting future responses.

Segment customers by location

Using location-based segmentation in an SMS campaign allows you to target customers based on location. This can be a broad geographic area, or more targeted, such as specific neighborhoods in a city. This can help you create targeted SMS campaigns and increase revenue. SMSBump provides you with tools that allow you to create and refine geo-based segments.

SMS campaigns can be an effective way to reach customers and stay connected. But to do it effectively, you need to know how to segment your lists. Then, you can create a customized experience for each buyer. Just like with email marketing, SMS campaign segmentation can be done by location, psychographics, and demographics.

Integrate with customer service

One of the most important aspects of customer service is the ability to communicate quickly. Using SMS is a great way to quickly notify customers of important actions or updates. These can include public safety announcements, security alerts, or neighborhood updates. With an SMS API, businesses can easily send repeat updates to customers to keep them informed.

SMS marketing can be an effective tool for ecommerce stores. But it becomes even more valuable when it is integrated with a customer service platform like Gorgias. This will allow you to send SMS blasts and handle questions from customers simultaneously.


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